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Is ‘It’?

"It" is our fixation to forever alter the way we all think about and treat diseases. It is the understanding that the status quo in health care and treatment is founded on antique generalities that fail us. It is the vision of a more personal future of medicine. The unwavering will to bring that future forward. And, most importantly, a call to you and you and you to join us in making this future a reality.

What Can



Right now, you can help raise awareness for this movement. Think of the one person who means the most to you. The one person for whom you would do whatever it takes. Click the "Do it!" button, dedicate yourself to that person's health and share it with the world.

As more action becomes available, like the ability to safely share your genetic data or medical records so that doctors and researchers can truly understand a unique illness on an individual level, we'll ask you to consider deepening your dedication. To that one person. For the many. We're all in this together.

What is



Precision Medicine is the official name for the future of medicine. It is the practice of harnessing technology, science and medical records to better understand the roots of disease, develop targeted therapies and ultimately save lives.


Does This




We hope not. Because it doesn't to us. We think it's scary to stay in the shadows of a tradition that stagnates progress by holding your personal information from you and the greater medical community intent on moving forward. But we understand sensitivities around privacy and change in general. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. This movement is based on transparency and truth and the belief that your knowledge will empower you to help us drive the medical future forward faster.

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Are We?

UC San Francisco is the only university exclusively focused on human health. For 150 years, we've tackled the world's most vexing health issues, from diabetes and malaria to AIDS and cancer. We are driven by the idea that when the best minds come together, united by a common cause, great breakthroughs can be achieved. Because we believe it is perhaps the greatest single breakthrough that can be achieved, we have committed ourselves thoroughly to the realization of precision medicine. We began this movement knowing that we could not do it alone, and continue assured that we will do it together. Join us.

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Dedications Made


Our current number of people showing care for each other is growing every day. Check it out.


Think of the person you care about most. Take or select a picture of yourself, and enter that person’s name to dedicate yourself to their health.

Make sure your face is at the center of the square and you can see a little bit of background space around you.


Enter your name and email address, so we can update you on how to deepen your dedication.